NO Flynn Rider meets and Rapunzel in Town Square

According to a reliable source,  Rapunzel will not be moving to Adventureland Verandah.  Instead she will move to Town Square Tour Guide Gardens on April 15 next to City Hall and Flynn will NOT be meeting with her. 

Both Rapunzel and Flynn will join the 3:00 parade.

Your thoughts?

11 thoughts on “NO Flynn Rider meets and Rapunzel in Town Square”

  1. I haven’t seen brave (is it even out yet?) so I may be wrong – but i have a feeling that at least for awhile Rapunzel will still be a bigger draw than merida. To me it sounds like they are underestimating Rapunzel’s appeal – although with the continuing long lines It seems silly to think they wouldn’t be well aware.
    Is she really moving on April 15th? Previous reports had scheduled her to move in May. We have early morning CRT reservations on May 8th partially just to give us a Rapunzel edge – so that would be disappointing if it ends up being a disadvantage and maybe even worth trying to change ADR’s!


    1. Brave comes out in june. Rapunzel WILL move April 15th to Town Square. Merida begins appearing mid-may. It gives them a month to re-theme the Fairytale Garden. Tiana was uber popular until Rapunzel’s movie released. Merida will probably pull some from Rapunzel in a similar fashion while Rapunzel continues to be very popular. Merida being Pixar’s first face character and the puppet brothers will add appeal.


  2. Unfortunately, it’s just me and my daughter. 1 day only at MK. Haven’t been there in 3 years and it will be another few years before we go back. We’ll just have to adjust. (At least she insists she doesn’t want to ride dumbo so that’ll help!) Kenny, any idea where Pooh is moving to? Someone posted above and per your guides he is currently in tour guide gardens. Pooh isn’t on our list so I’m just curious.


  3. i thought pooh was in the tour guide gardens? thanks for the update – Rapunzel is a top priority for us and we’re going on the 22nd. i want to be as prepared as possible 😉


    1. I trust you, but I’m hoping this is innacurate. We scored a CRT breakfast, and I’m afraid having Rapunzel close to the gates will put us at a disadvantage. Do you think there’s a chance people will overlook her up there in the morning rush? We’ve never eaten in the castle…it’s mainly for me since my daughter isn’t that into the traditional princesses. The ONLY one she wants to meet is Rapunzel, because she has adventures. Will have to wait on trip reports to decide whether to drop CRT or what to do.


      1. Sorry, but this came from a Disney email. Once Merida arrives, she will be the new girl and attract most of the attention. You can always send one person back to Town Square for Rapunzel.


  4. I would think Rapunzel meeting in this new location would jam up the tour guide gardens for most of the day and crown Town Square.


  5. Guess we’ll have to hope Flynn shows up at MNSSHP again this year. We’d love to see the two of them together. Wonder if they are trying to keep all the “cougars” at bay, similar to Capt. Jack’s M&G disappearing…


  6. Is this with the other Princesses? Can u show me on a map this location? Going On our first trip, and Rapunzel is a must meet for my Dd!!



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