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Updated 8/31/2014

I recommend waiting until late in the night to gather candy for a few reasons:

1.  Who wants to carry 5-10 pounds of chocolate around while walking 3 miles?  Not me.

2.  Cast Members are often more generous later in the party.  I filled my bag last year in ONE stop at 11:00pm.  Of course, I had a backpack so I refilled it later.

3.  Don’t waste your good character meet times standing in line for candy.  Early in the party the lines may take up to 5 minutes to go through.  Late in the party, you’ll walk right in.

If you are traveling by air to Orlando, bring an extra suitcase just for your candy bounty.  The lower storage area of a stroller makes an excellent candy stash area or bring along a backpack.  Most of the parties are quite hot, so the chocolate items may melt, causing little Junior to be coated in milk chocolatey goodness.

The trails next to Barnstormer and at Splash Mountain are great places to get lots of candy.  I don’t visit the “trail” at the Liberty Square Riverboat because it only has one distribution can for such a long walk.  Pinocchio’s Village Haus gives out chewy Werthers, yummy!

Trick or Treat Locations
Enchanted Tiki Room Pirates of the Caribbean Verandah
Storybook Circus Tent Trail beside Barnstormer Journey of the Little Mermaid Pinocchio Village Haus
Splash Mountain
Liberty Square
Liberty Square Riverboat
Tomorrowland Terrace Space Mountain Tomorrowland Speedway Stitch’s Great Escape

11 thoughts on “Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party Candy Trails”

  1. Was wondering if you knew anything about Trick-or-Treating in the Tiki Room, it seems like maybe it’s a new location for this year’s party since it’s not on this list. Thanks!



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